Choosing the Best Technology

ITConnect partners with some of the most cutting-edge and reliable technology companies in the world. Combining our expertise in analysis, design, installation and management, our ability to choose the correct technology for the project is what makes our systems outstanding.

ITConnect provides cost-effective and highly technical solutions for the Desktop, Network, Professional Services, and Support Services marketplace. We provide all levels of support based upon our client’s specific needs. The mission of our Professional Services Division is to assist companies in achieving their business objectives, goals, and strategies through the effective use of our core data networking and business consulting capabilities. Our customers include government, educational and commercial business.

Benefits of ITConnect’s PON Systems Talk to our expert.

D The benefits of ITConnect’s beautifully designed PON system include: Simplifying network infrastructure and operations. Combining Wi-Fi, data, voice, CATV, security, building automation networks. Increasing transmission speed. Using fewer network elements. Centralizing management functions for the entire network in one location. Can save up to 70% in the cost of ownership. Can lower energy consumption by up to 80%. Reducing space needs by up to 90%. Eliminating the need for future re-cabling.

Our partners

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